Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Soul Nugget 6: Where is God?

One of the questions I hear over and over again, especially on a college campus is "where?"

Where was God when the earthquake happened in Haiti?
Where is God when young girls are stolen and forced into prostitution?
Where is God in the genocide?
Where is God in (fill in the blank).

These are certainly good questions to ask. It gets us thinking about real issues, and challenges some of our presuppositions about God.

But if you think about it, these questions are also self-convicting.

As the church, we are called to be the Body of Christ... to be his hands and feet on earth. If someone asks, "Where was God?" it leads to another question, "Where was his church? His body?"

In other words, if you're a Christian, instead of asking "Where was God?" you should be asking, "Where was I?"

Now obviously its impossible for any one individual to be Christ to the entire world, but together, we as the church can. There are definitely many Christians who are living out this call. Most of the first responders in Haiti were Christians groups. There are plenty of organizations like World Hope which are fighting to end human trafficking. But if we were to take an honest look at ourselves, I think we can agree that we could do a lot better.

So the next time some tragedy strikes and you wonder, "Where was God?" turn the question around and ask, "Where was I?"

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